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SuperFood Seed Kit

  • Included in your kit:
  • Premium quinoa seeds
  • How to plant/harvest
  • Super quinoa recipe
  • Home Growers Club

Jamie Draves

President and CEO, Katan Kitchens, Quinta

"In 2007, I suffered a major 'health crisis' (idiopathic pancreatitis), where traditional medicine failed to find a cause, cure or treatment. SuperFoods, especially quinoa, were a key factor in regaining my health; triggering my passion to demonstrate the value of SuperFoods in our diets."

Jamie's approach on being 'Healthier Today than I was Yesterday' worked; preventing further atrophy of his pancreas and returning to balanced health. Jamie is now leading local quinoa research and development to produce Quinta quinoa with the highest protein and nutritional levels in the market.
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